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Clown loaches are well known for eating snails. Right after a short period of time you can't see any snails in the tank. This doesn't mean that there ARE no snails! Snails simply hide so that a constant supply of snails is kept. Clown loaches should only be used as a snail killer on the long run. Only a short term "snail-assignment" is a danger to the fish' health and lowers the number of snails only for a short period of time. Usually snails in a tank don't cause any problems. The opposite is true: they loosen up the ground and eat feeding rest and similar litter.

Buying clown loaches just for snail fighting should definitely be avoided. Please also mind the correct size of the aquarium!

Catching clown loaches

Everyone who has ever tried to catch a clown loach, knows about the challenge. The fast animals are hardly to be caught. You should not use common Da Prachtschmerlen über Augendornen verfügen, sollten Sie nicht mit üblichen hand nets! Clown loaches have eye thornes and can be hurt.

More useful seems a catching bell or you wait, until your clown loaches have hidden inside their living tubes (and take fish out including the tube).

A method I have tried multiple times also works quite well:

  1. Remove hiding places (Vegetation, roots, tubes...)
  2. Sink a large can (about 10cm diameter) slowly and carefully close to your clown loaches - as unnoticed as possible.
  3. Now "grap" your clown loaches on the one side and shoo them right into the can on the other side - fish are concentrated on your hand and escape into the opposite direction, so directly into the can.
  4. Take the can out of the water.

Simply like this: can .... clown loaches .... <- <- hand. Using this method, I could catch my clown loaches without any problem. 

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