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Aquarium relocation

Everyone who has ever tried to move their fish tanks with clown loaches, knows about difficulties that are associated with it. A good preparation doen't make it easier, but it saves a lot of time and effort and it minimizes loss of fish and plants.

Three steps are necessary:

  1. Planning
  2. Implementation
  3. Re-installation


Good planning enables an efficient relocation. The first step in planning actually encompasses already re-installation, in other words an overview of all plants and other fitments that should be available again at the new place. Plants or at least offshoots can usually be transported pretty easily.

It is different with gravel and sand. Do you want to keep it with you? If yes, when do you want to clean it? If no, where can you dispose it (never into the toilet, this will be plugged!)? 

You have to organize suiting vessels for material and fish. Please also mind fish compatibility - can fish stay together for a little while in stress and without hiding options? Additionally, you should take care of outside weather conditions. During winter transport water cools down much faster, so you must offer insulation to save your fish that could freeze to death.

Before the relocation you should organize new aquarium furniture and other items. Definitely it should be clear where exactly you want to have your aquarium at the new place.


Moving itself means a lot of work. Depending on size and vegetation it might take long until your aquarium is empty. Catching of fish might also be a more complicated task - depending on species. Please also see the section about "catching clown loaches" on this website. 

Hint: Everyone who has a garden or a similar place, might want to rinse the empty tank with a garden hose. This option might not come again! Possibly you can also trace the silicone sealing. But you must consider drying times.

During transportation make provisions against bumping damages, so place something underneath and drive slowly! 

Important: Take a bit from your old water. It contains a lot of biologically valuable microorganisms and one bucket full of "old" water should be as good as purchasable water conditioners.


Now the more pleasant part: re-installation. You can deploy your ideas and install improvements. All together, this should not take too long because your fish still live in the poor conditions of some buckets.

During the first days you must have a particular eye on your aquarium and, if necessary, troubleshoot. Relocation means a lot of stress for your animals and most of the times there will be little loss in fish. You should be well aware of this circumstance and hence, plan and carry out the move as fast as possible.

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