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Clown loaches and ...

Generally speaking, you can keep clown loaches together with the majority of fish species. Still, there are single cases, in which you should pay attention. In the following you can find some experiences with specific species which are kept together with clown loaches.


Live bearing fish



Comments (4)

  • Maria
    at 29.01.2016
    hi Christoph, in my 600l aquarium I have a bunch of clown loaches, some cat fish and tetra. Now I got shrimps as a present for christmas. I haven't seen them since. In case you may know, do they hide in the sand or are they seen as prey for clown loaches or any of the other fish? Btw, thank you for administering this rich website.
    • Christoph
      at 01.02.2016
      hi Maria, thank you for writing. Indeed, shrimps are a nice meal for your clown loaches. Sorry I can't tell you else! Best, Christoph
  • Sarah
    at 22.07.2015
    Hey, do you know if I can have my loaches together with platy and guppy?
    • Christoph
      at 22.07.2015
      hi Sarah, so far I couldn't see any problems with guppys. Usually, clown loaches are peaceful. But it could happen that they try to start nibble the fins of other fish, so I would suspect some losses among guppys. Regards, Christoph

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