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Hereby I proudly introduce the English translation of my website about clown loaches. Please have in mind that I am not a native speaker and have translated everything by myself. If you find major mistakes, please let me know!


In the website section Keeping you can inform yourself about general foundations in keeping clown loaches, but you can also gain insights of origin and behaviour of clown loaches as well as the myth of keeping clown loaches as an anti-snail-fish.

In case you want to keep your clown loaches together with other fish, you can read about some examples of popular species in the section Clown loaches and ....

The section Fish keeping deals with general organizational stuff. However, information in regard to clown loaches is always in the center: sizes of fish tanks, heating and relocation. 

To get a quick idea of clown loaches go to Characteristics.

On most of the sites a comment function is integrated; please share your knowledge about clown loaches, but don't hestitate to ask, if anything is unclear yet!